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The "True" Name

The story of the name "True" and why there are many in the family lineage
As told by Edna True Grover Walton

I was born on my grandfather’s birthday, Justin True Grover, and because of this and his kindness to mother, at this time, my parents gave me his name, True.

The name “True” came from an incident in the days of heavy persecutions of the saints. Mr. True was a grocer who was a non-member of the church in Missouri. As my grandfather and great grandfather, Joseph Grover, were running from a mob, they ran into Mr. True’s store and asked him to hide them, which he did. After the mob had left and the grateful men were leaving, my great grandfather told him that his name would go down in their family history for many generations of time. Today there are many “True’s” in the family lineage, as a result of this pioneer episode. It is an honored and beloved name in the family.
  Justin True Grover 1835  
   Joseph True Grover 1870  
   Edna True Grover 1900  
   Lila Edna Walton 1922  
 David Perry  Diane True Perry 1948 Ron Perry 
 Gabriel True Perry 1978  Suzanne True Parsons

Crystal True Perry

 Macy True Seeger 2012