Midvale Union Fort
 Multi-Stake Family History Center
7155 S 540 East, Midvale
 (just north of fire station) Please use north door 
Phone: (801) 569-1621  Map

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Preparing to Teach


A flash drive to transport fan charts. There are loaners in the bottom left desk drawer.

Evaluation Sheet with contact information, one for each student

Certificates for ONE FREE FAN CHART for taking the class (Give one each if they want to print their chart later. Without the Certificate or for additional charts it is $2.

“Family History: Get Started Now” pamphlet with labels on them

One of each to show, others may be downloaded from FamilyHistoryMagic.com.

Consultant Handout


Handout for Priesthood Leaders and Missionaries,

New Instructions for FAN CHARTS

Instructions for RelativeFinder

FAMILY TREE: A Quick Start Guide

Instructions for Printing Pages from Family Tree

9 x 12” Manila Envelopes with labels on them * Consultants may pick up envelopes from the FHC when they have finished the research and are writing the letter.

Example of a Research Report letter