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Missionary Lesson

Priesthood and Missionary Lesson Outline

Part 1 – lecture - 30 minutes

“I hope to see us dissolve the artificial boundary line we so often place between missionary work and temple and genealogical work, because it is the same great redemptive work!”

–President Spencer W. Kimball, “The Things of Eternity—Stand We in Jeopardy?” Ensign, Jan. 1977, 3

“When you are tracting, you might give people a family history pass-along card with the local family history center telephone number on it, offering a free initial search of family roots. Follow up within the next day or two at the homes where you left the card. Share these cards with investigators who can give them to their friends and relatives. It is also a good idea to carry your personal four-generation chart as an example and to share it with those who might have the same last name as you.”

From Preach My Gospel (2004) page 164
Watch Aligning Priesthood Keys: One Work of Salvation


Ward Councils, Missionaries and High Priests Group Leaders direct the work.

1- The HPGL recommends and a member of the bishopric calls 4 or more Ward Family History Consultants (WFHCs).

2- Request WFHCs get trained at the local Family History Center (FHC), on LDS.org and at the Family History Library. Also have them review this program. It may take 3 or 4 months unless they are very fast on the computer.

3- Members of the Ward Council led by the HPGL and Ward Mission Leader work together to guide and direct the WFHCs to assist in missionary work.

4- Missionaries take the “Family History: Get Started Now” pamphlet (with the FHC and WFHCs contact information on the back) into the home of contacts, investigators, less active members, new converts, etc. Offer to help them get started on their family history if they are interested.

5- Either invite WFHCs to go into homes with the missionaries or have the missionaries get the full names of one set of deceased grandparents born before 1940 and a birth, death or marriage date and place for each of them. Complete list attached.

6- WFHCs research and prepare three documents concerning their grandparents for all interested contacts within 1 week.

7- WFHCs may go into the home or invite contacts to the FHC to help them register and learn to use FamilyTree.

8- Invite contacts to come as a family to FHC with the WFHCs and missionaries to receive a copy of the research that has been done and learn more about what is available.

9- Missionaries give contacts a chapel tour.

What is the role of the FHC?

The Midvale Union Fort Multi-Stake Family History Center is here to help. We will train WFHCs, missionaries, etc. to follow the program, use FT and do internet research. Until the ward has a trained WFHC who can do the research, we will do it.

1- We will accept research requests from missionaries, HPGLs, other priesthood leaders and WFHCs for any contact or for themselves. Members of the church should then be willing to sit down with the researcher, log into FT and learn more about doing their own research and accept the challenge of adding to FT.

2- The research request can be sent to Alice Neff – text 801-554-8414, email alice@theneffs.org or bring into the FHC with all the information on the enclosed list.

3- If we are aware of a trained WFHC in the ward we will send the request to them, if not we will find someone in a neighboring ward, the stake or the FHC. We would like to keep the researcher as close to the investigator as possible.

4- Our goal is to do the research and get three documents back to the missionaries within 1 week.

5- We will host missionaries, individuals and families who come into the FHC to learn more.

6- If the investigator has family in FT we will show them famous people they are related to and print out a fan chart for $1 (additional charts are $2).

Part 2 - hands on FamilyTree - 20 minutes

is the only integrated family tree on the planet. The church has asked us to fill in the names of everyone who has ever lived on the earth, into one worldwide family tree. D&C 128:24

Search for the last name of Lee born in 1600 in Korea. Point out the characters on some of the results. Remind them that those names have been done in the Soule, Korea Temple and yet they are on the tree so we won’t do them again. Switch to Japan, China or Russia.

Have class sign-in to FT. Make sure they are all logged in and then allow them to follow along.

Show them the different pedigree and descendant views. Point out the symbols and what they mean.
Go to Person View and explain what is on that page.
Show ordinances and briefly explain that in order for any temple to do any work it goes through this program. You can print cards from your home computer.

Show memories and put in a plug for adding some.

Part 3 - hands on RelativeFinder.org - 15 minutes

Have the class go to RelativeFinder.org and sign in. Let them play with looking at different groups and looking to see how they are related to their favorites.

Show them how to set up a group and how to “connect” with the person next to them.

Invite them to print out a partial list of their relatives.

Decide on a group of about 20 names

Click on “Download CSV” in upper right hand corner.

Open download in the lower left corner and the list shows up in an Excel spread sheet.

The columns will have to be adjusted and some deleted to show the most important information.

Click on file print to see a preview of the spread sheet and then continue to adjust.

Perhaps use “Page Layout” and “Scale to Fit” and then “Landscape” and “Fit to:” to make it fit on page.

Each class member can print 3 pages free.

Part 4 - hands on Games- 10 minutes

Show how to get to Games by going to the very bottom of almost any page, except trees, click on “App Gallery” > Photos and Stories.

Let them play the Match Game or The Scrambled Tree Game.

Part 5 – TreeSeek.com Fan Chart- hands on - 10 minutes

Have the class members open and sign into TreeSeek. Click on a 9 generation colored chart, give it a title and Create Chart. Let them make it larger so they can see different parts and move around a bit. Go back up to the top and let them “Create Another Chart”. If they are pleased with one of the charts, let them download it to a flash drive and explain that to actually print a chart normally costs $2.

Because they have taken the class, they may print one chart FREE. Help them print the charts. Record the fan charts and mark them as “0” cost.



If you can’t type on this form, just use it as a guide when you type your Research Request and send it to the phone number above.

If your investigator doesn’t have some of the information, skip it, and provide what they do know or have been given by others. THANKS!


Full Name:


Please do research on One deceased ancestor COUPLE born before 1940


First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth or

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth or