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MV7 Prep

Midvalley 7th Personal survival kits.

These are not 72 hour kits or food storage kits. These are designed to go into your car for emergency use. A regular size backpack works great.

This 6 part kit is designed to go into one back pack with each part in a separate section so you can get to whatever you need without emptying the complete contents. Example: Put your first aid items into one pocket and your food in another. The backpack goes in your car trunk. That means you will need two kits if you have two cars.


The 6 basic kits form a basis for the personal survival kit. This pack forms a progression that is logical and do-able over the next few months and using limited resources.

Click here for PDF. We have found that as you look for some items you come across stuff for one of the other packs that you could put in and check off.

Comments or Questions: “Julie”  mv7prep@gmail.com  In the subject line put “prep”.

Emergency Preparation   mv7prep@gmail.com

"WE ARE NOT FINE. WE ARE NOT PREPARED."  The following account was written May 4, by a man who escaped the fires near Fort McMurray, in Alberta, Canada. You can find his story here.


Winter  *  Car Survival Kit  *  *  *  *

Fanny Pack  *  Pocket Knife  *  Knife Sharpener/Stone

First Aid Kit  *  Matches  *  Fire Starter  *  Compass

Whistle  *  Water Purification Tabs  *  Sewing Kit

Fishing Kit  *  Flashlight  *  4 Quarters  *  Saw

Bullion Cubes  *  Emergency Blanket  *  Portable Stove

Fuel Tablets  *  Chap stick  *  Metal Container  *  Mirror