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Research Tactics Lesson 8
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Discussion & Theory
Because America is a nation of immigrants, one of the most requested educational topics among family history enthusiasts is how to find the origins of immigrant ancestors. To trace your immigrant ancestry you must have an exact location in the homeland.
More than 50,000,000 immigrants have arrived on America's shores. Many of them share your ancestor's name. How in the world can you tell which one is YOUR immigrant ancestor? But WAIT. You may have more than just one immigrant ancestor. If you are like most Americans, you may have dozens of immigrant ancestors. Some may have come on the Mayflower and some may have come through Ellis Island in this very century. In the country your ancestors came from there are even more people with your ancestor's name.

Genealogy.com; Lesson 1: Introduction to Immigrant Investigations

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Bring to Class This Week:
1. The file for the family you are working on and flash drive for transporting new finds
2. Optional: Your family computer file to work on in class

Lesson Materials:
Web Links:
How To:
Connect with Your Immigrant Roots
Cyndi’s List of General Resources
Finding Ancestors in Passenger Lists
A Goldmine of Naturalization Records in New England
Types of U.S. Naturalization Records
Map of Immigration to the United States: 1880-1920

Immigration, Migration and Naturalization Links:
Ancestry.com Immigration and Travel Records 
Find my Past (specializes in United Kingdom records)
My Heritage (specializes in Euro Asian and Jewish Ancestry)
Ellis Island
Wiki on Emigration and Immigration
Wiki on Church History
Fold3 Naturalization Records (Free at FHC)
List of Mayflower Passengers
Migration Routes, Roads and Trails
Mormon Migration
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel 
United Kingdom
Naturalization Records
Online Searchable Naturalization Records and Indexes
Ships-Find your ancestor's ship
The USGenweb Project (Some counties have links to state archives with immigration records)
Immigration Online Genealogy Records

Homework for Next Week:
1. Search each link to see if this will apply to your family
2. Optional: Add all research to your computer file
3. Optional: Print out updated Family Group Sheet with sources from your computer file
4. Update your paper files, timeline and research log and bring to class
5. Read Lesson 9

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