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540 East 7155 South in Midvale
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Research Tactics Index
Lesson 1 If it is Recorded on Earth, it is Recorded in Heaven.
(Home Sources and Organizing Records)

Lesson 2 The Importance of Accuracy and Following the Rules.
(Managing A Research Project)

Lesson 3 Personal Responsibility to be of Service.
(What others have done)

Lesson 4 Faith in the Plan of Redemption. (Census, Framework For Families)
Lesson 5 Our Ancestors Want Us to be Accurate. (Vital Records)
Lesson 6 The LDS Church’s Commitment to Family History and Temple Work.
(Land and Probate Records)
Lesson 7 Getting Acquainted with and Loving Your Ancestors. (Military Records)

Lesson 8 Personal Blessing Through Family History. (Immigration)
Lesson 9 Saviors on Mount Zion ... (Great Treasures in Hidden Places)

Lesson 10 Blessing and Strengthen Living Families.
(Turn the Hearts of the Children to Their Fathers)

We offer a daytime and an evening class in September and January.

Designed for the serious minded researcher, this is not a crash course for beginners, but advanced, comprehensive instruction for those desiring a solid foundation in Managing a Research Project in Family History.


To make a reservation, call Florie at 801-943-1336

This course weaves together training on:
1. Managing your Research Project
2. Organization
3. FamilyTree
4. Research using the Internet, the Family History Center, the Family History Library, local and home sources
5. Sourcing - Family History without documentation is mythology
6. Going from the Known to the Unknown; Home records; What Others Have Done; Censuses and Directories; Vital Records; Land, Probated and Court Records; Military; Immigration; and Great Treasures in Hidden Places
7. Submitting qualified individuals for temple ordinances

Prerequisites for the Intern Program include:
1. Own a computer and be comfortable using the keyboard and mouse.
2. Be connected to the Internet, know how to use a browser and E-Mail.
3. Have some experience in working with family history.

(All skills listed above are taught in our regular classes)

Please do not sign up if you know you will miss more than two weeks. In our new training room we now have room for 16.

This program is designed to prepare people to do their own family history more effectively. Those who complete the program may wish to serve in the Family History center or as Ward Consultants. However, taking the training does not obligate a person to serve.

We are now taking reservations for our Winter (starts in January) and Fall (starts in September) sessions:

Tuesday: 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. - 12 noon

Make reservations for the Research Tactics Program, call Florie: 801 943-1336