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New Instructions for FAN CHARTS

To make a FAN CHART click in the URL box on any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer and type in www.treeseek.com and proceed as listed below. Print it on your own printer or save it as a PDF on a flash drive and bring it to our Midvale Union Fort Multi-Stake Family History and get it printed, 17” X24” in color for $2.00. We are at 7155 South 540 East, our website is www.familyhistorymagic.com and phone is 801-569-1621

1. Click on the Blue box “Login now to create your chart”

2. Sign in to your LDS ACCOUNT (FamilySearch) by typing
A. User Name and B. Password

3. If it asks “Do you want to save your password for this site? Click on NOPE

4. Choose the Chart Type “9 Generation Fan (color)” at the top of the list.

You may choose any of the 9 other choices that are new on their website. (The photo charts etc.)

5. Before you Click on the green box Create Chart at the bottom of the screen you can now take out the word GENEALOGY at the bottom of the page and put in your family name ie. HANSON FAMILY - it looks better in all capital letters. Also if you don’t want siblings in the center position then un-check that box. Siblings only appear on fan charts and not on photos, name cloud, or Pedigrees.

6. Click in the green box Create Chart and it will say Gathering Tree Data – Wait for a few minutes for the chart to be created. It used to take 3-5 minutes but now it is about a minute.

7. Slide or move the chart up to the middle of the screen by the slider on the right. Enlarge and check to see if the chart looks like you want it to. Anyone can make changes to FT and someone may have changed your grandmother’s name since you last looked.

8. Hoover the mouse over the top black banner and click on the Down Arrow to download. That puts it into the SAVE mode for you to save it on your flash drive. Use the slider to find and click on the name of your flash drive and click SAVE in the lower right hand corner of the screen. I always like to take everything out of the name given to the file and type my first and last name before the type of chart, such as _9genfanc, and then click save. It is easier to keep track of who the chart belongs to instead of the Identification Number assigned by the computer. ( Especially for us when we are printing for you)

9. So you have successfully saved the PDF onto your flash drive. Be sure to LOG OUT when finished.

10. Eject your flash drive and take it to the PRINTER and get it printed or you can email the PDF to me at the address below and we will get it printed ahead of time so you can come by the center and pick it up and pay the $2.00. That cost covers the special coated bond paper and the ink.

If you have any questions send an email to David Hanson at dlhanson644@yahoo.com or call me at 801-792-6225. I serve in FH Library downtown on Wed. & Thur. and turn my phone on vibrate.

To see all10 examples of fan charts you can print, just go to treeseek.com at the top of the page and do steps 1 and 2. Please be aware that the default fan chart is 7 generations and also a 2nd default is the Siblings boxt is checked. Also remove the title GENEALOGY and put in your own title in Capital Letters either single or double spaces between letters.