Midvale Union Fort
 Multi-Stake Family History Center
7155 S 540 East, Midvale
 (just north of fire station) Please use north door 
Phone: (801) 569-1621  Map

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Eval & Registration

Evaluation and Registration

Thank you for coming. Please fill out and return this page at the end of the class. When I receive a text with a RESEARCH REQUESTS from the Missionaries I want to send them on to a Trained Ward Family History Consultant or a Trained Staff Member immediately. In order to do that I need you to give me your text number, if you text, when you are confident you can help.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ Cell phone for text: _________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

Calling: __________________ Stake: ____________________ Ward: __________________

Would you like to be on a list of consultants ready to help the missionaries? This includes receiving a text or email with a little information on one deceased couple and WITHIN A WEEK doing whatever research is needed to prepare 3 documents and hopefully add one generation to what is known and write a research report letter with an invitation to meet you and the missionaries in the FHC? ___________________________

When you receive a RESEARCH REQUEST, will you text or email me right back to accept or decline the request, for any reason? ________________________________

Do you have experience and would you be willing to help other consultants research records in a foreign country? Which country? ________________________

How can we improve this presentation? ______________________________________