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Consultant Class


How Midvale Union Fort Multi-Stake Family History Center Staff and Ward Consultants Can Help in the Work of Salvation

“I hope to see us dissolve the artificial boundary line we so often place between missionary work and temple and genealogical work, because it is the same great redemptive work!”  –  President Spencer W. Kimball, “The Things of Eternity—Stand We in Jeopardy?” Ensign, Jan. 1977, P. 3

“When you are tracting, you might give people a family history pass-along card with the local family history center telephone number on it, offering a free initial search of family roots. Follow up within the next day or two at the homes where you left the card. Share these cards with investigators who can give them to their friends and relatives. It is also a good idea to carry your personal four-generation chart as an example and to share it with those who might have the same last name as you.” From Preach My Gospel (2004) page 164

Watch Aligning Priesthood Keys: One Work of Salvation https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2016-02-06-aligning-priesthood-keys-one-work-of-salvation?lang=eng


The priesthood is in charge and all we do should be done in Wisdom and in Order.  However, we know that we can help the priesthood do what they have been called to do and they may not know how to use us.  So be Proactive

  1. Reach out to the ward and full time missionaries and High Priests Group Leader (HPGL) in your ward.

  2. Offer to do some research for the missionary’s contacts, the missionaries and the HPGL.

  3. Ask who contacts are and if they might be interested in learning more about their families

  4. Offer to go with missionaries

  5. Let missionaries know WHAT you need in order to do some research on a family line

  6. Let them decide if you should go with them or if they will get the info to you

If you are invited to go into the home of the contact with the missionaries

  1. Let the missionaries lead

  2. When given time, ask about their family history and offer to do some research

  3. Listen to their feelings about what has been done and what they want to know

  4. If they are from long time members or have other family members who have entered information into FamilyTree (FT) tell them of some exciting things they can learn from family tree information – Relative Finder, kids games, TreeSeek.com and Fan Charts.

  5. Explain that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is building a WORLD WIDE FAMILY TREE, ask if they want to be added to it. (D&C 128:24)

  6. Invite them to the FHC to register for FT and to learn more about their family

  7. Ask if you can do some research for them.  Ask for information on one deceased ancestor couple born between 1850 and 1940, that you can do a little research for and print out 3 documents on.

DO THE RESEARCH WITHIN ONE (1) WEEK using the information on that one deceased ancestor couple;

  1. PRINT, at no cost, up to three (3) pages of information on that couple;

  2. WRITE up a RESEARCH REPORT / INVITATION to come to the FHC to learn more.  Entice then with some additional things you may find or do with the information you have.

  3. GIVE it to the missionaries to give the contact.

  4. ASK the missionaries to make an appointment to meet you and the contact in the FHC so you can help them log into FamilySearch and begin their Tree and the missionaries can give them a chapel tour.

  5. MEET with them and, having done more research while doing the 3 pages, help them “Find” more information.  If they connect to FT offer Relative Finder and a Fan Chart.

  6. FOLLOW UP as a personal friend.  Keep the missionaries informed but go or call the contact yourself.  Moving at their speed, do additional research with them from time to time as they need.  Print a fan chart if the records are in FT.  Find a way to serve them.


  1. I have arranged for the full time missionaries to text RESEARCH REQUESTS to my phone.  

  2. When I get a request I will forward it to a trained researcher.  

  3. The FHC will train anyone who wishes to help the missionaries.  

  4. Until I know that a Ward Family History Consultant (WFHC) knows what to do when they receive a RESEARCH REQUEST, I will not send requests to them.  

  5. If you want to be on the list, I will need you to fill out the evaluation sheet with your contact information and leave it with us.  It is easiest for me, if I have your text number, but an email will do if you don’t want a text.

  6. When you receive a RESEARCH REQUEST please get started on the RESEARCH within 2 or 3 days.  If you have a really full week, send it right back so I can get someone else.

Again, DO THE RESEARCH WITHIN ONE (1) WEEK using the information on that one deceased ancestor couple; PRINT, at no cost, up to three (3) pages of information on that couple; write up a research report / invitation to come to the FHC to meet the researcher and missionaries for some fun on FT, Relative Finder and TreeSeek.


IF THEY ARE IN FAMILYTREE (FT) Take a good look around.  Jot down some observations in the letter you will be writing.

  1. Are there pictures?  How many and might one be good to give them?

  2. As you find things you may want to use, same them to your desk top or set up a folder for them.

  3. Read the stories.  Is there one that is especially interesting?

  4. How far back does the line extend?

  5. Do you see any relationship to your family?

  6. Notice problems, but don’t make a lot of changes or do the entire cleanup for them.

  7. Especially DON’T MERGE ANY RECORDS.

  8. Look at the number of sources and the quality of sources.

  9. Look at some of the contributors, do they have an email address you can share in the letter.

  10. Is there temple work that needs done?

  11. Are there hints?

  12. Look at the father and mother’s person pages.  Is there more interesting stuff there?

  13. Search FS, Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, FindAGrave or other if you haven’t found enough.

  14. Look at other ancestors if you haven’t found enough for 3 pages.


  1. A Pedigree Chart, Portrait Pedigree Chart, Family Group Sheet, or Small Colored Fan Chart from FamilyTree.

  2. Picture or document from the Memories Page.

  3. Story from the memories page.

  4. Census or other Record from the Source Page


  1. Search for them in FamilySearch.  Use different search criteria

    1. With and without middle name, first name or last name, especially with unique names

    2. with and without city or state

    3. With and without spouse, etc.

  2. Search the PLACES in FamilySearch

  3. As you search, track where you look and save possible pages to a folder or to the desk top.

  4. Try FindAGrave, Ancestry.com, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, Google or premium sites on FS.

  5. If you aren’t finding anything, ask for help from FHC staff members or assistant directors.

  6. Some documents you are looking for are:

    1. Census records

    2. Pictures of person or headstone or map of the area where they live.

    3. Birth or christening record

    4. Marriage Certificate, Bond or Application

    5. FindAGrave information

    6. Obituary

    7. Newspaper articles

  7. PRINT OUT THREE (3) of the most interesting things you have found.  Please follow the Printing Instructions, choosing the proper printer for the job.

DO THE RESEARCH WITHIN ONE (1) WEEK, print up to 3 pages, write a research report inviting them to come into the FHC to learn more and give these to the missionaries to give the contact.


  1. Help them register and log into FamilySearch and show them FamilyTree briefly

  2. Ask if you can keep a record of their Full Name, Birthdate, Contract Name and Helper Number.  If so write it in a secure place so you can be of more help over the phone.

  3. Help them begin filling in the blanks.  If they have no one in FT have them begin with the online version of  “My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together” by clicking “Family Booklet” on right side of Home Page.

  4. If they have people in FT, help them get connected.  

  5. Show them Relative Finder

  6. Help them print out a page of famous people they are related to, if they wish.

  7. Print a Fan Chart for them if they want one.

  8. If they want to wait on the Fan Chart, give them a certificate for a FREE Chart.

  9. Let members of the class print up to 3 additional documents and a large Colored Fan Chart.  Give them a Free Fan Chart Certificate if they want to do some work on the chart before printing it.