Midvale Union Fort
 Multi-Stake Family History Center
540 East 7155 South in Midvale
 (just north of fire station) Please use north door      
Phone: (801) 569-1621 
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Upcoming Classes

The Family History Center is open:

Monday: 9 to 5
Tuesdays - Friday: 9 to 9
Saturdays: 9 to 5

 Free 1½ Hour Consultations 

These are individual training sessions where you will get personal help with FamilySearch.org/Tree and other tools designed to help you find and prepare names for the Temple. Please sign up for a 1 ½ hour session and let us help you. Sign-up by calling the Family History Center 801-569-1621. For your session, bring your LDS Account username and password (or membership number) and your pedigree chart (filled out as best you can.)

Research Tactics (intermediate) Formerly the Intern Class - Rigorous 10-Week course teaching how to lay a foundation for a family history project. It  Includes, Organization, Census, Vital Records, Land & Probate, Military, and Immigration.

 Students need to own a computer, be comfortable with mouse & keyboard, connected to Internet with E-Mail, have experience in family history. 

To register for the Research Tactics Program, call Florie Fullmer (801) 943-1336

 If you did not get a schedule, click here >  SPRING 2019 to see or print one out.  

Class Schedule at a Glance General Information Apr 2 – Tue, 10am - FT Basics, Overview
Apr 5 – Fri, 3pm - RootsMagic
Apr 5 – Fri, 3pm - Writing Your Family History
Apr 9 – Tue, 10am - FT Basics, Sources
Apr 9 – Tue, 10am - Introduction to Computers
Apr 9 – Tue, 7pm - DNA Explained
Apr 12 – Fri, 2:30pm - Indexing
Apr 19 – Fri, 3pm - Scan and Add Photos to FT

Apr 23 – Tue, 10am - FT Basics, Merging
Apr 23 – Tue, 7pm - DNA Explained
Apr 30 – Tue, 10am - FT Basics, Temple Names
Apr 30 – Tue, 7pm - European Research

May 1 – Wed, 7pm - FT Basics, Overview

May 7 – Tue, 10am - FT Basics, Fixing Problems
May 7 – Tue, 1pm - Memories - Add & Tag

May 7 – Tue, 7pm - Consultant Planner
May 8 – Wed, 1pm - Add Sources to FT Using RecordSeek
May 8 – Wed, 7pm - FT Basics, Sources
May 10 – Fri, 2:30pm - Indexing
May 14 – Tue, 10am - Introduction to Computers
May 14 – Tue, 1pm - Vacationing With Your Ancestors
May 15 – Wed, 7pm - FT Basics, Merging
May 17 – Fri, 3pm - Scan and Add Photos to FT
May 22 – Wed, 7pm - FT Basics, Temple Names
May 29 – Wed, 7pm - FT Basics, Fixing Problems

Note 1: For all Family Tree, Family Search, Intern, Indexing classes or personal consultations, you will need your LDS Account user name and 
password. (Please register ahead of time.) 

Note 2: Preregistration for classes is suggested. Drop-ins are welcome IF space is available.

Note 3: CR = Class Room. All other classes will be in the Training Room in the North Hall.

This 5-week course emphasizes the basics of FamilySearch/Family Tree (FT). Please choose the day and time that suits you best, and join us to learn. You can take these classes separately, but we recommend all five. These five classes will be on consecutive weeks as follows:
Week 1 - FT Overview – Learn to navigate menus and screens
    Apr 2 – Tue, 10am - C Lybbert, or
    May 1 – Wed, 7pm - C Muir
Week 2 - FT Sources – Find and attach sources by using the Record Hints and the FT search function
    Apr 9 – Tue, 10am - C Lybbert, or
    May 8 – Wed, 7pm - C Muir
Week 3 - FT Merging – Find and merge duplicate names and learn when NOT to merge
    Apr 16 – Tue, 10am - C Lybbert, or
    May 15 – Wed, 7pm - C Muir
Week 4- FT Temple Names – Use the descendancy view to identify temple names
    Apr 23 – Tue, 10am - C Lybbert, or
    May 22 – Wed, 7pm - C Muir
Week 5 - FT Fixing Problems – Add people to your tree and modify incorrect relationships
    Apr 30 – Tue, 10am - C Lybbert, or
    May 29 – Wed, 7pm - C Muir

Classes will be held in the Midvale Union Fort Multi-Stake Family History Center Midvale Union Fort Stake Building, 7155 South 540 East, Midvale, UT.
Please enter through the North door. There is a sign and a doorbell for the Center.
To Register Call the Family History Center (801)569-1621